Android: Receivable

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Scroll down on the dashboard screen. Click on the Receivable on the dashboard.

Dashboard Receivable

List of receivables grouped by companies are displayed.

Receivable List

1. How to see a Receivable Voucher/Bill details

Click on the selected company.

Receivable Company Select

You will see a list of vouchers. Select the required voucher.

Receivable Voucher Select

The details of the voucher/bill is displayed.

Voucher Details

2. How to see receivables for a particular period?

Click on the period filter icon on the screen

Period Filter Icon

Select the period for which you want to see the receivables

Period Filter Select

2.A. How to see receivable till a particular date?

Click on the Custom button in the period filter.

Custom Period Filter Icon

Then select the date till which you want to see the receivables

Custom Period Filter Select